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All around the world ECCO's communication specialists are watching developments not only in our industry but also in society, politics and economy. They perform surveys, hold seminars and take part in interesting discussions. This is the place where we share this knowledge with you.

DAX companies with positive sales forecast for 2018

The German economy is booming and has grown for the eighth year in a row. ECCO Munich | relatio PR have analysed the sales forecasts of the 30 largest listed German companies.  

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The end of discretion for private banks?

Many enterprises of other industry segments or personalities ask themselves: how do we exploit the power of far-reaching social-media channels without exposing ourselves to communication risks?

The consumer of the future

With the start of a new year it is important to look back to see how much progress we made last year and how much we would like to make this year.

What’s on the horizon for Public Relations in 2017?

Personalised media consumption, a crisis in conventional advertising, the amplification of contents, the influence of the dark social in social media networks and the use of the P.R.