ECCO international Communications Network: 32 countries, one profession

We are pleased to summarize some of the discussions we had in Zurich.

The owner-operated agencies in 32 countries offer fast and smooth cooperation worldwide. The agencies maintain intensive learning  exchange with joint clients, research projects and workshops. Moreover, our clients and the readers of our blog benefit from this knowledge share  between members.

What can we learn from the agency world in corporate communications?
Competence and people
Often one discusses  the line between professional and private life in terms of Social Media profiles. We are less aware of this mix in our day-to-day communications, as is shown in the way we work. However we should not forget the personal chemistry between ourselves and our clients. We do not necessarily need to like one another! but we do need in  everyday life to listen, understand and support our clients. This does not only apply to the agency and client relationship  but to all relationships both inside and outside the agency.

Professionalism and value
With experts drawn from 14 different agencies, there is much we can learn - providing everyone communicates openly, this exchange between professionals can be enormously valuable. Not only to inspire but also to confirm our core beliefs. In addition, new skills can be learned through discussion and debate. Everyone can live this in everyday life. This possibility is offered, for example, by a business network, alumni association or a self-initiated, regular meeting of experts. Even as a communication professional in the company you can ask the opinion of a communication colleague. Both are enhanced by new insights and knowledge.

New areas and perspectives
All members of the ECCO network are owner-managed. However, the direction of the Agency and its services vary. From product PR to crisis communication to market surveys, the agencies offer a different portfolio. Checking your own offer broadens your horizons.

Two anecdotes from the conference - for your own consideration:
The almost philosophical description of the location in the UK: "We are not hip, but in the heart".
Knowledge is no guarantee for implementation: "There is a mute button on all our phones. And laptops. Please use it."

P.S. Here you can find the Bernet travel guide for Zurich.

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