Invisible CEOs – Top managers are too silent on social media channels

“CEOs around the world are reluctant to communicate on social media. They are supposed to be the face of their company but in most cases they are not visible at all,” says Christian Kollmann, Chairman of ECCO, one of the largest international public relations networks. The organisation just analysed the Twitter and LinkedIn activities of the CEOs of the 20 largest listed companies in more than 20 countries. On average, only one in seven CEOs is active on Twitter (14%). A better result is with LinkedIn where 41% of the managers run an account.

A country-by-country analysis shows that French CEOs are the most active. 7 out of 20 French top managers (35%) have a Twitter account and 14 are present on LinkedIn (70%). Norway is second where 6 out of 20 CEOs are active on Twitter and 13 have a LinkedIn profile. Australia comes third with 5 CEOs on Twitter and 10 on LinkedIn.

Surprisingly in the home of social media, the US, CEOs are very reluctant to use these channels. Only 5 CEOs are present on Twitter and 7 on LinkedIn. Nevertheless we find the social media stars among them. Apple CEO Tim Cook has more than 5 million followers on Twitter. The unchallenged number 1 on LinkedIn is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella with over 1.5 million followers.

For the study, ECCO analysed data from following countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Czech, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA plus a regional analysis for Latin America (including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru).

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