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ECCO Crisis Task Force

Our senior crisis experts have gained experience in various industries and understand what their clients need. They offer services to prepare for a crisis as well as adhoc support to handle communication and management tasks during a crisis. All ECCO agencies are committed to the same goal: To best limit the effects of a crisis on a client and always offer tailor-made solutions.

Our network of crisis specialists

Contact the crisis specialist in your region. They can rely on the support of experienced PR professionals in every ECCO agency around the world. In case of a crisis an ad-hoc network will be operational within hours coordinated by the contact near to you.
Choose a location
Christian Kollmann
ECCO Austria
communication matters
Kolschitzkygasse 15/14,1040,Vienna,Austria
Noud Bex
ECCO The Netherlands
Bex* Communicatie
Piuslaan 70a,5614 CM,Eindhoven,THE NETHERLANDS
Norbert Ofmanski
ECCO Poland
On-Board Public Relations
Ul. Wolska 88,01 - 141,Warsaw,POLAND
Irène Messerli
ECCO Switzerland
Olgastrasse 8,8001, Zurich,SWITZERLAND
Martin Townsend
Pagefield Communications Ltd
The Courtyard Studio, 18 Marshall Street,W1F 7BE ,London,UNITED KINGDOM
Todd Hansen
O’Malley Hansen Communications
180 N. Wacker Drive, Ste. 400,60606,Chicago, IL,USA
Victoria O'Neill
ECCO Australia
Impact Communications
L2 67 – 69 Murray Street,2009,Pymont NSW,Australia
Zsuzsanna Takacs
ECCO Hungary
ST Scope
Visegradi utka 47. B,1132,Budapest,Hungary
Dr. Thorsten Hofmann
ECCO Berlin
ADVICE Partners
Haus der Bundespressekonferenz, Schiffbauerdamm 40, 10117 Berlin, Germany
52.521862, 13.377418

We offer tailor-made crisis management assistance:

  • Crisis audit 
  • Analysis and concept development
  • Implementing complete prevention projects
  • Strategic advice and implementation
  • Creating early warning and monitoring systems (offline and online)
  • Risk management
  • Building and training of crisis teams
  • Coaching individuals
  • Simulations, including Web 2.0 simulations
  • Crisis intervention consultancy

Our Experts – present around the globe

Our specialists are there to support you in case of a crisis. Far more valuable is their advice before a crisis occurs. Their long lasting experience can be used to create tailor-made prevention programs. No company is safe from getting struck by a sudden crisis. But every manager is responsible for not being prepared for it. Contact our senior advisers to prevent you from being amongst those not prepared.

Christian Kollmann

Christian Kollmann is the founder and managing director of communication matters. He used to be President in the Austrian Public Relations Association, is university lecturer and Chairman of ECCO. Besides strategic planning and communications trainings, he is specialized on crisis communication.

Irene Messerli

Qualified PR consultant Swiss PR Society. Degree in educational science. Online journalist. Head of communications in an international media enterprise, a college and a police forces. Lecturer. Board Member BPRA and simsa. Spends her leisure-time in enjoying nature, on vacations and doing sport.

Martin Townsend

Martin Townsend is a Partner at Pagefield and former Editor of The Sunday Express newspaper. During his 17 years as Editor, and almost four decades as a journalist, Martin has covered and/or had first-hand experience of a wide range of crises, both national and international.

Norbert Ofmanski

Norbert Ofmański, Managing Director of On Board PR/ Ecco Network – one of the largest public relations firms in Poland and the fourth fastest growing public relations agency worldwide,

Noud Bex

Bex* has a crisis management consulting team of highly experienced experts available on a 24/7 basis. We work for virtually all industries and are involved in acute crisis situations as well as the fields of risk identification and analysis, preparation and prevention, services and evaluation.

Thorsten Hofmann

Thorsten Hofmann has been active in risk and crisis communications for more than 20 years.  Before consulting for companies in various industries in crisis situations, he gained far-reaching experience in different German federal ministries and in assessing risks for members of the German Government

Todd Hansen

Todd Hansen has developed and executed programs to address corporate reputation crises like product recalls, regulatory investigations and facility disasters. Todd often works on location, providing the communications perspective to the strategic planning and serving as a spokesperson.

Victoria O'Neill

IMPACT is a strategic, award-winning independent agency that approaches all client needs with purpose and insight.

A former journalist, Victoria has 12 years’ agency experience, specialising in corporate and stakeholder communications, media relations, issues management and crisis communications.

Zsuzsanna Takacs

After extensive editorial practice in the radio and television she has been working in the field of communication since 1992. One of her expert fields is crisis communication, where she has mainly worked for (multinational and Hungarian) environmental protection and energy companies.

The best crisis is the one that never occurs

ECCO has developed a comprehensive toolbox not only to cope with a crisis whenever it occurs but also to prevent crisis situations from evolving into harmful experiences. Our motto is "be prepared". Talk to us in normal times and use our expertise to train people and organisations.
  • Crisis Audit
    As part of our crisis audit, we evaluate your existing crisis management structures. This includes logistical aspects (e.g. infrastructure, personnel) as well as operational procedures (e.g. crisis intervention processes and procedures) and communication guidelines (e.g. crisis communication manuals, crisis language regulations). The results of our analysis will help you to optimize both crisis prevention and intervention procedures, preparing you in the best way possible for any potential crisis headed your way.
  • Analysis and concept development
    Whether you wish to put in place a completely new concept or want to improve an existing one: We will help you build a solid foundation for your crisis management. Taking into account your unique set-up and surroundings, we support you in developing your crisis prevention, intervention and follow-up procedures. Among others, our concepts integrate aspects such as the set-up of a crisis infrastructure, risk identification and monitoring, scenario-specific operational and communication crisis response, stakeholder-specific crisis response, media guidelines as well as a detailed evaluation of the crisis management procedures in the aftermath.
  • Implementing crisis management strategies
    While designing crisis management concepts is a first step in the right direction, many companies struggle with implementing them sustainably and in the long term. One of the main challenges faced during implementation are the sometimes established structures that appear immune to change. Having ample experience of this from different organizations, we help you to break through these structures and effect lasting change. Additionally, our services include conducting implementation workshops, holding regular exercises, and organizing periodic meetings with different teams and individuals. As a result, we help you to create awareness for the necessity of restructuring your crisis management, discuss and improve upon ways on how to integrate the new approach in existing structures, and at the same time train the members of your organization in acting according to the new methods.
  • Strategic advice and implementation
    Dealing with different stakeholders (e.g. clients vs. competitors), events (e.g. fire vs. product contamination) and channels (e.g. hotlines vs. Social Media) requires uniquely targeted response strategies. Keeping the diverging requirements of these aspects in mind, we support you in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies to deal with all the many challenges – before, during and after the crisis. Our services in this area include for instance support in dealing with external stakeholders and employees, monitoring and interpreting current developments, and designing reputation management strategies.
  • Creating early warning and monitoring systems (offline and online)
    To avoid the next crisis catching you by surprise, having an early warning and monitoring system in place that detects issues with crisis potential is crucial. However, requirements for such systems become more and more complex in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world. We help you to navigate through these various challenges. Our support in this area stretches from setting-up the technical infrastructure to identifying and analyzing issues that need to be tracked. We even provide the whole monitoring service for you, delivering the results in structured reports tailored towards your specific needs.
  • Risk management
    A key part of any crisis prevention strategy is identifying and managing risk. Thanks to our vast experience across a number of industries, we are able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of risk structures, using cutting-edge risk analysis tools. Based on this, we will be able to support you in creating risk mitigation and management plans, ranging from overall organizational procedures to drafting and outlining communication templates and Dark Sites.
  • Building and training of crisis teams
    At the core of any good crisis management lies the crisis team that decides about and implements your response. It is therefore vital that the team is composed of the right people – and that these people are trained in making competent decisions in highly stressful situations. To ensure that you have the best team possible at hand, we do not just help you with building the team from the ground we also provide a wide range of training to ensure that the team operates smoothly and effectively. These include for instance tailored crisis workshops (crisis communication and management), company specific role-plays as well as whole crisis simulations (on- and offline).
  • Coaching individuals
    Effective crisis management depends on individuals making fast and reliable decisions. Everyday economic and administrative mechanisms do not work, as a crisis is inherently different from day-to-day business procedures. It is therefore essential to prepare key members of your crisis response team individually for the challenges lying ahead. To support you in this endeavour, we offer among others decision-making trainings for leaders within the crisis team, camera and media trainings, as well as workshops on how to integrate support from external players (e.g. call centers, psychologists, investigators) effectively.
  • Simulations, including Web 2.0 simulations
    A crisis often hits without warning. Therefore, facing them with a high degree of professionalism is vital. Our crisis exercises help you to test the limits of your procedures, team performance and strategic approach. Using scenarios tailored to your needs, we conduct crisis simulations lasting anywhere between one and several days. The exercises can include online (also Social Media) and offline (traditional media, hotlines) communication channels, and they combine the training of various different aspects, such as: alerting procedures, coordinating the crisis management team and decisions, allocating responsibilities within the response team, managing and communicating with internal and external stakeholders, legal aspects and frameworks, managing recalls, as well as preparing and executing press conferences and statements.
  • Crisis intervention consultancy
    Even having prepared your crisis management team to the maximum, the unique challenge of any crisis sometimes necessitates drawing on external support to ensure the best possible response. In those situations, our crisis management experts are there to help. Whether you are looking for strategic advice on response decisions, support in communicating with external or internal stakeholders, someone to monitor recent developments or just additional manpower to support your team – helping companies navigate through the challenges of a crisis is our core business.
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