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Christian Kollmann

Christian Kollmann is the founder and managing director of communication matters. He used to be President in the Austrian Public Relations Association, is university lecturer and Chairman of ECCO. Besides strategic planning and communications trainings, he is specialized on crisis communication.
Having started his career in the communications sector in the early 1980s as a communications consultant, agency manager and Managing Director at Pubrel Hill & Knowlton, Christian Kollmann founded communication matters in 1999. He has been managing director of the agency since then. Moreover, he was President of the Austrian Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA) for two years, is currently working for the Austrian Ethics Council for PR and is Chairperson of ECCO. As a Senior Lecturer at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg, as well as at Danube University Krems, he has always tried to bring his experiences from a pactitioner’s perspective back to the to the academic discourse. In his career, Christian Kollmann has focussed on strategic communications planning, presentation and communications trainings, and especially on crisis communication. In this regard he has advised numerous well-known clients on how to cope with crises and to make the best out of tricky situations.