Ramona Zmolnig, Senior Consultant Public Affairs with ECCO Austria | communication matters will support an anticorruption project of the EU Commission and Ecorys, an international consulting firm based in the Netherlands. The project aims at gathering information on anticorruption measures in the member states and advancing the fight against corruption across the EU. Every member state will have two experts reporting on anticorruption developments in said member state as well as providing expert analysis to the European Commission. Ramona Zmolnig will take over this task as one of the representatives from Austria.

Zmolnig’s focus has been on anticorruption work and research for many years. Being published in a peer reviewed journal, she presented her findings at several international conferences. “Corruption not only destroys people’s trust in the independence of public administration and democratic institutions, but it also leads to unfair competition which harms the economy and society as a whole“, says Zmolnig.