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ECCO Conference: Insight into the "creator economy"

ECCO members from all over the globe met in Stockholm. Read Nicole Webb's report on insight provided by guest speaker Jacqueline Kothbauer talking about Metaverse and the "creator economy".

Avoiding Slack fatigue - this is how to do it

The mobile phone vibrates, a push notification appears and a reminder tone sounds. How do we prevent collaboration tools like Slack from being more annoying than helpful?

Twitter Quo Vadis?

Twitter is in crisis. Elon Musk has been undermining user trust with controversial  policies and is already threatening bankruptcy. What does this mean for the communications industry? Stay or run?

Are you crisis-ready?

If 2022 has taught businesses anything, it’s the importance of having an effective crisis communications plan for when the unexpected happens.

The role of PR in tackling pandemics

The Covid-19 pandemic necessitated the need for coordinated communication to citizens across the globe. What are the key communications learnings from how the world approached Covid-19?

The role of PR in the age of social media

The way in which PR is executed has changed considerably in the past decade. Today technology has moved on at pace and brands and businesses can reach their audiences through 24-hour news channels.

We test BeReal - the "real" experience

​​​​We have only recently started to hear about the social media app BeReal, although it has been around since 2020. Is it just a hype or is BeReal developing into an established social media channel?

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