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Five tips for briefing your PR agency

Briefing your PR partner is the springboard for a great campaign. While every project will be different, we have five essentials to keep in mind when briefing in your PR company.

Book tip: Immune – an excursion through the immune system

German author Philipp Dettmer takes us on a journey through our immune system. The book provides orientation in times of rampant disinformation. And it shows how exemplary science communication works.

What is the State of the African PR landscape?

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Africa has launched a study examining the state of the PR and communications industry in Africa conducted by ECCO South ​Africa.

You and your internal climate – how to get real insights

Organisations need to find different and better ways to conduct business during a global pandemic. Engaging and listening to employees are a top priority, but real insights need a local ​angle.

Five steps towards a sustainability strategy

As more countries around the world are shifting toward a circular economy, the business community is also expected to work within the ecological boundaries.

Content for the new-age brain – the essentials

Fast-paced, multi-screen living is changing our brains. We spoke to the king of Australian citizen neuroscience, Phil Dye, for content essentials to connect with digital-age minds.

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