A new identity: Bernet PR becomes Bernet Relations

Bernet PR is becoming Bernet Relations. The Swiss communications agency is undergoing a comprehensive rebranding. All communications media, the website, the Bernetblog industry blog and the service range have been revamped and restructured. Bernet’s focus is now on managing relationships between organisations, opinion leaders and all stakeholder groups, shaping dialogue and creating content.  
Owned and run by Irène Messerli and Dominik Allemann, the Swiss-based agency delivers expertise and solutions for a broad client portfolio and is known for its work in a wide range of areas via the Bernetblog, partnerships in research and teaching, studies on online media relations and social media, and as initiator of the established «Social Media Summit». Bernet is now comprehensively overhauling its identity and core brand. Irène Messerli, co-owner and joint CEO, commented: «Relations are at the heart of every entity. They move our world forwards. As social beings, organisations and communities, we need interaction because without it we are isolated. That is what drives us. We see it as our role to shape those relationships.»

«Our relations are far more than just public»
Bernet Relations is a member of the Federation of Swiss Public Relations Agencies and has been part of the global ECCO network of 32 owner-managed partner agencies in over 40 countries since 2015. Dominik Allemann, co-owner and joint CEO, said: «Public relations’ is no longer enough to describe what we do. Our service range has undergone huge change over recent years – covering everything from analysis, strategy and implementation to supporting and empowering our clients – and will continue to grow. This new branding marks the start of a new chapter in our agency’s 27-year history.» Bernet Relations was founded in 1991 as a sole proprietorship by Marcel Bernet, and was taken over by Irène Messerli and Dominik Allemann in 2013.

The Bernet Relations team
Irène Messerli, Dominik Allemann, Tamara Angele, Martina Bürge, Miriam Mahler, Thierry Li-Marchetti, Michelle Sandmeier, Michael Walther

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