DAX companies with positive sales forecast for 2018

We have analysed  the sales forecasts of the 30 largest listed German companies on the basis of the annual reports for the year 2017. The results of the analysis show that the majority of the 30 DAX companies expect an increase in  turnover – two high-flyers on the stock market are among the fastest-growing companies.

The German economy is booming and has grown for the eighth year in a row. Gross domestic product rose by 2.2 percent in 2017. The ifo Institute estimates that the German economy will continue to grow in 2018. The institute forecasts a strong increase of 2.6 percent. But what about the 30 DAX companies?

Corporations want to continue growing in 2018
The study shows that 21 companies want to increase sales in 2018. The two companies Allianz and Bayer expect sales to be at the previous year's level. Commerzbank and Munich Re anticipate a decline. BMW, Covestro and Vonovia do not provide any information on the development of total sales. For example, the Munich-based automobile manufacturer forecasts a slight increase in revenues in the Automobiles segment. The energy companies E.ON and RWE do not make any sales forecasts, but they do make a detailed earnings forecast.

Turnover as an important performance indicator
For five companies, turnover is not a financial performance indicator. They therefore do not publish a sales forecast. 25 of the 30 DAX companies use this important indicator as a performance indicator. The German accounting standard DRS 20 requires disclosure in the form of point, interval or qualified comparative forecasts. Of the 25 companies, 13 prefer the point or interval forecast, i.e. the specification of exact numbers or bandwidths. The other 12 companies merely indicate a trend – in the form of a qualified comparative forecast. One example of such a formulation is the expectation of a „slight increase in sales“.

Adidas aims for double-digit growth
The vast majority of the 30 DAX companies expect sales growth in fiscal year 2018. Adidas is the leader with planned sales growth of about 10 percent, followed by Infineon with 9 percent. Both companies have been among the top performers on the German stock market in recent years.

More details on the blog www.geschaeftsberichte.de (only in German).

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