Golden Sabre Award for Communication on Multiple Sclerosis

Malek and Serhat VideoThis project contains media relations of 'Melek and Serhat' series, which famous director Gani Müjde wrote and directed. The series script was inspired by the stories of MS patients and leading roles were played by young and popular actors Aslı Tandoğan and Engin Hepileri. Under the leadership of the Turkish Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Association, the mini-series project Melek and Serhat series, which was produced under the sponsorship of Novartis, was broadcasted on the web site of the top 5 watched TV channel’s (Star TV) private web site; on 24 June. The web site was chosen because of the high traffic created by TV spectators.

The series draws attention in Turkey because it’s the first TV series based on a disease.

Behind every section of the directory, the MS experts consisting of expert doctors related to the theme of that section, and the behind-the-scenes footage of the residents of MS are simultaneously published at This web site contained information about MS and was supported by Novartis.

The main goal of the series, which focuses on the love of two lovers, both of whom are MS patients, is that being an MS patient does not mean breaking from social life. It aims to change the false perception about MS and to make MS better understood in the society. The series aimed at ensuring that the society does not approach the MS with prejudice, indicating that MS differs from person to person. It is also emphasized that close follow-up, positive approach, and lifestyle modification are crucial to influence disease progression.

Media relations began 1 month prior to the launch of the series. In addition to the players communication, special interviews were organized where press people met real people who suffered from MS. Director Gani Müjde and the actors were hosted in many TV shows.

On May 25, World MS Day, a positioning project was prepared by Communication Partner by choosing "orange" color in order to increase social awareness for MS disease. In this context, "orange" colored ties and scarves were sent to the presenters of the news programs which were mostly watched by MS Society of Turkey. At the same time, to increase engagement, they were informed about the negative experiences of people living with MS in social life. On May 25th, World MS Day, various news presenters in TV channels voluntarily used these orange colored materials, which was the height of engagement.

On the evening of May 26th, magazine press and special invitees attended the gala show and the first series of the audience was watched.

A total of 249 media outlets were obtained from 53 printed media (17.956.951), 16 from TV (12.597.907) and 180 from internet (113.539.824) within the context of the media relations conducted between May 10 and July 27, and a total of 144,094,682 people were accessed. Total number of views of 5 episodes reached to 84.995 in only 1 week.

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