Securing a public relations internship can be tricky and all experiences are unique to the organisation and how you fit in their team. When you find one, it’s important to optimise the opportunity. Open communication with your supervisor means you have the opportunity to tailor your experience.

I was lucky enough to have the dream internship experience and land a job. Below are my tips to get everything you can out of an internship.

Set goals. If you establish what you want to achieve from the experience, your internship will be far more successful because you have something to work towards. Take every opportunity as a chance to learn. In the first month of my internship I learnt more about practical PR than I did in my whole degree. If you expect nothing but education, it will be an amazing success.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sounds obvious but when you enter the ‘real world’ it is very easy to think that no one needs help. When I first started at IMPACT, I was worried I would annoy people if I asked for help. Wrong. IMPACT has a team-based culture where collaboration happens every day. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.
Make friends. When I stepped into the IMPACT office as an intern I soon realised that each one of my colleagues had a unique path to how they got to where they are and a wealth of knowledge that I needed to absorb. Your colleagues (without them even knowing) have so much advice on the industry, the job and how to succeed. Listen to what they have to say.
Internships are a great opportunity to test the water and experience what the Public Relations industry has to offer. Be proactive, take initiative and offer everything you have. That’s a sure way to get everything you can out of your interning experience.