Social Media Switzerland 2018: How are companies and organisations doing? Study by Bernet Relations

The Bernet ZHAW study Social Media Switzerland has a long tradition (2012, 2013, 2016, 2011 with HWZ). We take a look at the way Swiss Organisations use social media and ask questions about strategy and use. The questions are answered by communication professionals from the largest Swiss companies, non-profit organisations, SMEs, public authorities and administrations.

Here is a quick overview of the most important results:

  • Commitment: Almost 90% of Swiss organisations are active on social media, many of them already for several years – only a few are still new.
  • Strategy: Organisations are becoming more and more strategic, but some (39%) are only active in corporate areas and projects – there is still potential in terms of strategies for the whole company (51%).
  • Goals: Above all organisations seek visibility, reach and proximity. Commercial companies tend to make broad use of social media and maintain fewer individual contacts. Political organisations and administrations strive for direct contact with customers, citizens and journalists.
  • Channels: YouTube is the new number one - even leaving Facebook behind. The use of Chat services (such as Whatsapp) and live streaming has grown the most since 2016.
  • Paid presence: More and more organizations are paying for their social media presence. The frequency is high, 17% use SocialAds daily, 23% weekly. This also includes NPOs, authorities, political organisations.
  • Resources: In recent studies there were hardly any resources inside the organisations dedicated to social media. Today most companies have budgets available (76%) or are planning to do so in the near future (5%). 
  • Influencers: More than half (52%) of the organisation work with influencers – internal or external opinion makers. Administrations and political organisations tend to work with internal influencers, companies with internal and external influencers.
  • Future: Respondents see a growing importance for HR marketing and the expansion of social media strategy across all departments and areas.

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