Bernet Relations AG

Bernet Relations was founded in 1991 and taken over in 2013 by Irène Messerli and Dominik Allemann. The team works for a diverse and cross-industry client portfolio. Bernet Relations has always shared its expertise in studies, checklists and by lecturing. Founded in 2005, the is considered one of the first communications expert-blogs in the german-speaking world. With the event series (engl. Social Media Summit), Bernet Relations has created a platform for expertise about the use of digital media by companies and organizations five times a year since 2009. The agency is a certified member of the “Leading Swiss Agencies” and the agency network ECCO International. The team works at two locations near in the heart of Zurich and of Switzerlands Capital Bern.


Dominik Allemann, Co-CEO/Owner

Irène Messerli, Co-CEO/Owner


Access to the ECCO Global Communications Network is simple. Contact information for a specific geography is available on the agency overview pages accessed here or contact the ECCO Global Communications office in London at +44 7899941744 or via email