If you would like to contact ECCO to discuss your global PR requirements, please contact our central office via the form below or on email:

    If you know which country you are looking for support in, please visit the Find a partner page or use the search box below where you can find in-country contact details:

    Martina Biesterfeldt Jenny Oijermark
    Martina Biesterfeldt
    +49 (0) 172 436 8585
    Jenny Öijermark
    +46 (70) 734 08 04


    ECCO International Public Relations Ltd

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    London W1F 7SP

    United Kingdom

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    VAT Number 756 7580 85

    Access to the ECCO Global Communications Network is simple. Contact information for a specific geography is available on the agency overview pages accessed here or contact the ECCO Global Communications office in London at +44 7899941744 or via email