13 Feb 2020

How to use Carnival as an indicator for consumer trends

It’s only a few days before the revellers start enjoying Carnival. Every year, the date is eagerly awaited not only by those who seek the best block: but the period also presents many opportunities for brands interested in surfing this wave. That’s why it’s essential to know what social network users are talking about before and during Carnival.

A survey by STILINGUE – the national leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Portuguese language (PT-BR) – analyzed 291,000 publications collected from 225,000 different users from January 20-27. The subject is on the rise: most of the mentions have a neutral (43%) or positive (42%) feeling, significantly surpassing the negative citations (15%).In the top 5 most cited themes are: “Sambódromo” (16%), Hit de Carnaval (Carnival Hit) (14%), Fantasia (Custom) (13.5%), Roupa (Clothes) (11%) and Viagem (Travel) (9.5%).

In the period, the theme ‘Sambódromo’ moved 20 thousand publications from 10 thousand different users. Dome of the subjects are: plot, samba school and drumming queen – with emphasis on Paolla Oliveira of Grande Rio.

Finally, Travel and Tourism  also stood out in this period with 12,000 publications from 10,200 different users. Twitter (60%) was the main platform used to talk about this theme, followed by Portals (15%). Among the terms cited are ‘beach’, ‘friends’ and ‘pre-Carnival’. In addition, there was also a sudden increase in the mention of destinations to the Northeast, specifically Recife and Salvador. Other cities that are in the spotlight and leading the mentions in terms of location are Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, mostly due to the parades and street blocks.

*The data used in this study are public and the article only contemplates information released by the API of the mentioned channels, so it may be that there are confidential and hidden facts that were not considered for the conclusions.

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