06 Feb 2020

Research: Growing importance of active communication by CEO

General media presence, corporate social media and industry conferences – according to the respondents, these are the most effective channels of communication in building reputation – results from the first reputation management survey in Poland, which covered communication directors of the largest companies from 10 economic sectors. The project conducted by ECCO Poland | On Board Think Kong  was under the patronage of the Lewiatan Confederation and the University of Warsaw.

As the On Board Think Kong survey shows, over 84% of communication directors admit that they use social media to build their image on the web, followed by cooperation with publishers and paid publications, publication of expert content and blogging, as well as activity of managers and board members in social media.

– We know that the Internet and social media channels play a very important role in building a reputation. In the digital world, one wrong tweet can hit the headlines and pull the share price down, and one out of context photo can make customers stop buying our product. But sometimes it’s not a violent storm that threatens reputation in the digital age. Today, search engine presence or active communication of the CEO in social channels is becoming crucial. Availability of many new channels gives many new opportunities – you just have to use them skillfully,” says Katarzyna Reck, Corporate Communication in On Board Think Kong.

The survey was conducted by ECCO Poland | On Board Think Kong between October and December 2019. It was answered by communication or marketing directors of the largest companies from 10 economic sectors. The survey partners are the University of Warsaw, the Lewiatan Confederation, Business Insider, PRoto and Newseria. The entire survey report  will soon be available on the On Board Think Kong website.

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