Crisis Management & Communication

Nothing can disrupt your ability to conduct business more than a crisis that takes you by surprise. What’s the single most important thing an organization can do to prepare? Know about an issue before it becomes a crisis.  Our seasoned crisis communications counselors have developed and executed communications programs to address public safety and corporate reputation crises, including product recalls, regulatory investigations and facility disasters.  We often work on location during a crisis, providing the communications perspective to the overall strategic planning and serving as a company spokesperson to media, customers and other external audiences. Our bilingual skills and cultural knowledge has enabled us to become strategic partners to our clients by providing them with timely translations, counsel and solutions for the most positive outcome possible to the crisis.

Our teams of crisis experts across the globe have provided counsel to Fortune 500 companies facing some of the most significant crises in business.


Access to the ECCO Global Communications Network is simple. Contact information for a specific geography is available on the agency overview pages accessed here or contact the ECCO Global Communications office in London at +44 7899941744 or via email