Public relations

Also called PR, Media Relations, and Publicity.  We use a well-crafted pitch, conduct media tours, issue news releases, organize press conferences, host large- and small-scale events and lean into social and digital media to reach and engage our intended stakeholders.  Throughout our network, we have media professionals pitching reporters and editors, prepping executives for interviews, and counseling clients on where their stakeholders get their news, entertainment, and information daily. Our reach through the ECCO Global Network provides clients with intelligence on media outlets, editorial calendars and how a story will play in Sydney, Dubai, Berlin and New York.  Public relations has changed significantly over the past twenty years but remains one of the most important influencers.

Our media strategists have a pulse on what makes news and what doesn’t in geographies around the globe.

Access to the ECCO Global Communications Network is simple. Contact information for a specific geography is available on the agency overview pages accessed here or contact the ECCO Global Communications office in London at +44 7899941744 or via email