10 Feb 2023

Content creators versus influencers: who gets more cut-through?

As social media continues to morph and change, it can be difficult to keep pace with which platform is best suited to amplifying your brand, let alone which people and profiles to approach.

Once upon a time, influencers ruled social media marketing but, as platforms mature, the landscape has evolved to make way for content creators. What’s the difference?

An influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility and a profile in a specific genre (e.g. health and wellbeing), whereas content creators make curated and platform-specific content. While influencers are known for their personality, content creators focus on the format, developing targeted, well-crafted creative that’s on trend. Both types of social media marketers can be effective; determining which of these will work better to deliver brand messaging depends upon your budget and ROI targets, your campaign goals and who your audience is.

At ECCO Australia | IMPACT, we’re no stranger to working with both influencers and content creators and seeing the benefits they can bring. From promoting inner wellness to period underwear to garage door openers, we’ve refined the art of selecting, briefing, and managing social media partners to create awareness, grow share of voice and build reputation. Through our experience, we’ve learnt there are a few key criteria that make an influencer or content creator a better pick than others, including:
Authenticity: Creators that are true to their audience and values will choose to work with brands that they align with. This leads to content that’s created and consumed with enthusiasm and passion.

  • Community management: A strong audience relationship, through encouraging and interacting with comments, is key to building engagement.
  • Quality content: Anyone with an iPhone can snap an image and upload it to Instagram, so partnering with creators who take the time to create quality and thoughtful content will make your brand stand out among the scene.
  • Attention to brief: As creativity is key, there is still a job to be done! Finding a partner who can strike the perfect balance between imagination and communicating key messages is crucial to effective content.
  • Adaptable: Despite careful planning, shifting release dates, news events, lengthy approvals and other unforeseen circumstances can push out deadlines. The key to working through these hiccups will always be communication!

If you’re interested in growing your share of voice using influencers and content creators, get in touch with us at impact@theimpactgency.com.au

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