10 Aug 2020

Why podcasts keep peaking in popularity

We’re hearing a lot about podcasts. And they’re not just a trend – they are here to stay. Whether it’s their easy to consume format or the emotional appeal of audio storytelling, podcasts are hugely popular.

We press play on podcasts to learn new growth tactics for business, to improve our marketing skills, get our hit of true crime, deep dive into meditation techniques or get inspired by entrepreneurial interviews.

Listener numbers are skyrocketing across air waves and word press sites around the world. The Australian Financial Review tells us that despite the format being more than 15 years old, making money with podcasts and turning it into a sustainable business on its own is still in its infancy.

When compared with blogs, engagement levels soar for podcasts; meaning you get more of your audience’s attention when they are listening than reading.
With 5.5 million Aussie listeners tuning in weekly to their favourite podcasts, it’s time to connect with your target audience via a podcast.

Here are a few top tips to keep your audience tuning in:

Consistency is key 
Audiences like to know when to expect content, making consistency critical to building an audience base or following.

Prompt and play
Take advantage of the podcast multitasker and prompt your audience to download your next episode with playful teasers and posts so they can listen anytime, anywhere.

Use analytics  
Popular streamer Pandora now provides a new analytics feature with the goal of giving podcasters more data about their listeners, such as where they live, how long they listen to each episode, and the number of thumbs up or thumbs down their show receives. Take advantage of the data on podcast consumption to learn more about your audience and tweak your content and delivery.

Keep up with the latest trends and technology 
Australian industry heavyweight Whooshka has been hosting, distributing and making money from podcasts since 2016; enabling users to publish podcasts across multiple outlets for a monthly subscription cost. Check out automated delivery services like Whooshka to reach a multitude of platforms instantaneously.

If you plan on including ads in your podcast, use audio dynamic ads which substitute different ads into a show depending on who the listener is and where they live.

Clever, convenient audio boosts your brand

With listeners flocking to this essential medium, podcasters know that using audio is a clever way to build engaged online communities, increase new leads and revenue opportunities.
The more downloads you get, the greater the reach as host platforms such as iTunes work their algorithmic magic positioning your podcast front and centre.
So here’s to exploring the power of the podcast for your business and brand!

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